What you will find at Visalia Counter Top Design…

Beauty: Though your kitchen’s beauty starts with your vision we will provide the durable surface to keep the beauty you desired for years to come.

Quality: From cabinet makers to the finishing touches, Visalia counter promises quality during the fabrication, design and installation of your counter surfaces. You will be able to select from the following <brands> for your counter surface while not sacrificing on your pursuit of environmentally friendliness.

Service: Not only will you get the best service but the owners of Visalia Counter welcome personal communication if you have concerns or needs, you will often find them assisting or doing the work themselves, this helps assure quality craftsmanship.

Installation of your counter done by our professionals makes the difference.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Children/Pets and the equipment needed to install your counter top may not mix well, please be certain that your keep your eyes open if your children will be home while we are installing your counter.
  • Your pets may not like the strange men working in their homes please make appropriate arrangements for any pets to ensure that they’re not injured.
  • If you are remodeling the entire room it may be a good idea to establish a storage place for the tools and materials needed by your contractors.
  • Let your neighbors know that strange vehicles are around, if you live in a neighborhood like we do you may have a lot of people asking questions or calling the authorities.
  • Relax as you watch us do the heavy work.