We chose Visalia Counter-Top Design because they had good prices, were friendly, and very knowledgeable — which was helpful when we had design issues or questions. We were building a custom home in Visalia, California, and it entailed a lot of work and decisions. We were so happy with their guidance. I, Veronica, am a pretty indecisive person and they were very helpful and patient with me. For example, I had a difficult time picking granite for my kitchen, and they were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction of a few slab yards, where I thankfully found all of my countertop material. We also had them tile all our showers in the house, and we loved that they suggested a beautiful accent piece in the guest bathroom that we hadn’t thought about before. It made a world of difference and the outcome is amazing! If we ever need anything else done in our house or if a friend needs a remodel, Visalia Counter-Top will be our go-to choice.

Veronica and Robert Johnson, Visalia, California

Veronica and Robert Johnson